Playgirls Man Of The Year

Item SKU: NVDVD109
Release Date: 1/1/2006 
Manufacturer: NEW VISION VIDEO
UPC: 626633041090

Scott Layne bares all in the luxurious island paradise of the Caymans. Let Scott wet your appetite as he bathes in the beautiful tropical surf, gets frisky with some fish underwater, and whispers erotic words for your ears only. Then, you will be whisked off to sunny California where you will have an exclusive front row view of Scott performing a sizzling striptease with his dance troupe. If you've ever dreamed of taking the perfect passion trip with the ultimate heartthrob, the Man of the Year video is your ticket there.

Scott Layne | Dan Remington | Cappuccino Moon | Matt Samson | Mario Ortiz | Chris St. James | Jess Yinh | Brian Smith | Robert Anthony
Playgirls Man Of The Year Medium Front