Sweet Treats

Item SKU: PLDVD159
Release Date: 1/1/2006 
UPC: 626633021580

David's Uncle Howard owns an adult video production company and he'll let David and his former fraternity buddy, Vinny, produce for him only if they can first prove they are perverted enough. So, the two go to various Southern California locales looking to meet women who they can convince to do a sex scene in an adult movie. David and Vinny document everything on camera in a quest to see how far they can get these girls to go in the name of spontaneous lust. With Vinny behind the camera and David in front, the horny pair is all about having fun and most definitely is seeking to get "some". Follow them on their pussy quest as they go from Hollywood Blvd. to Santa Monica and beyond. Featuring 100% 18 and 19 year old girls!!!

Tyce Bune | John Strong | Jesse | Nadia Foster | Sabrina Jayde | Candi Cotton | Owen Brown | Larry Pazz
Sweet Treats Medium Front