Violences (disc)

Item SKU: PLDVD208
Release Date: 1/1/2006 
UPC: 626633022082
French and English language. Attention: sensitive souls refrain! This shocking, torrid, and violent film will lead you into the decadent world of a judge whose sex life shames all those who step before him. A dream life blemished by a murder! Never before has a mix between a thriller and an "X" cop been so perfect. Indubitably, this is the hardest of all Italian erotic cinema!

Deborah Wells | Caroline | Christopher Clark | Philippe Soine | Joe Calzone | Betty Gabor | Andrea Valente | Ildiko Varcon | Giulia Sow | Cinthya Morgan | Nicoletta Neri | Andrew Spinell | Edmond Lambert
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