Gangbang Bitches 27 (disc)

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Release Date: 1/1/2006 
UPC: 626633021207

Lily Amante is one of the planet's hottest whores. In fact, she is one of only 27 women in the world who is qualified to be called one of the Gang Bang Bitches. When I first met Lily on the set the only thing she said was "I Want It". When I pointed out my six bad-ass studs with their combined cock length of over 70 inches, her reply was "I can fuck that all day". I respect a women who knows how to say the right thing. Then I told her to shut up and start fucking. I'm sure you will enjoy the video. The Boys and I are very proud of the multiple shaft beating we laid on her.

Julian St. Jox | Brandon Iron | Steve Taylor | Chris Cannon | Darren James | Backey Jakic | Lily Amante
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