Sweet Treats 02 (disc)

Item SKU: PLDVD328
Release Date: 3/30/2006 
UPC: 626633021597

Frat brothers David and Vinny are at it again, going to different Southern California locales looking to make more porno stars. On Sunset Blvd., in the heart of the Hollywood night club district, they meet Violet. It seems this natural-breasted brunette has a submissive side that is aching to be exercised. Next, in lovely Chatsworth (the porn capital of the world), David runs into porn stud Tyce Bune and a sexy Czech girl named Dominica. Before long Tyce is banging Dominica on a water float, with David filming every lusty moment. From there, David and Vinny go sailing on a lake in Valencia and meet a shy girl named Molly Rome who works at a local bank. However, it doesn't take long for her horny side to surface. Finally, the guys meet a stripper named Kiri at Venice Beach. She's only supposed to do a striptease for the camera ... but she and David want much, much more.

Tyce Bune | Violet | Kiri | David Luger | Molly Rome | Dominica
Sweet Treats 02 (disc) Medium Front

Sweet Treats 02 (disc) Medium Front Sweet Treats 02 (disc) Medium Back