Puritan Video Magazine 51 (disc)

Release Date: 1/1/2006 
Manufacturer: PURITAN
UPC: 648591005297

FLESH FANTASIES brings you five torrid tales of debauchery. No holes barred encounters featuring group sex and lots of anal and DP action. Judging Dora: Court's in session with Alex Gotti and Bob Terminator making their case to sexy Judgy Dora Venter. The Judge takes justice into her own hands, or ass that is, as she is DP'd.Here Comes the Bride: Georgia Vegas is the not-so-blushing bride. She's daydraming about what she really wants at the reception ... to molest bridesmaid Melanie Moon and have her ass stuffed by husband Stan and best man Mario Peeples. Sex in the Machine: Thomas works in a novelty underwear factory and gets bored. His imagination conjures up Andy Brown and Ritchie having sex on his silk screen machine. Mow My Bush: Bob Terminator is reluctantly mowing the weeds with Max Payne. Bob's mind soon drifts to a vision of sexiness as knockout Orsyla Andrews walks down the lane in lingerie. Orsyla gets every orifice filled by the horny grounds crew.Clean My Pipes: Cory Baby scrubs her kitchen floor and dreams up two studs, Viktor King and Gabor. Great anal and DP action in this kitchen caper in Volume 51.

Thomas Stone | Gabor | Dora Venter | Bob Terminator | Stan | Andy Brown | Cory Baby | Ritchy Segely | Melanie Moon | Georgia Vegas | Orsyla Andrews | Alex Giotti | Mario Peeples | Max Payne | Viktor King
Puritan Video Magazine 51 (disc) Medium Front